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New to the community 

- Teapot mums

Are you looking to connect with other mums and children?  If you haven't yet found a mums group we'd love to welcome you to come along each week for 6 free weekly sessions. 

Come along each week and meet other mums with little ones, hear from local Lara organisations offering activities and help for families and if you are keen, continue on after the six weeks as a Teapot Mums Group! Carol Bailey, our wonderful Community Liaison Worker at Little Teapot is a trained family therapist and counsellor who helps facilitate the group each week with you. 

The Little Teapot community, with help from Terry and Yolande Cleary from Ray White in Lara, would love to host you and your little ones with free morning tea for the first 6 sessions. 

Sessions are happening at Little Teapot, 76 Flinders Avenue, Lara

our next sessions will be for six weeks in a row starting Tuesday 25th February 10.00am - 11.00am 

Email us below if you are interested 

Next sessions starting Tuesday 25th February 10.00am - 11.00am 

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