Parents Groups

We are so excited to offer Parents Groups for parents in Lara looking to connect with others. These are sponsored by the Lara District Community Bank which is incredible! 

You may be missing out on a Parents Group for lots of reasons, perhaps you didn't find your fit in your last one, perhaps the MCHN aren't able to find one for you as this is your 2nd or 3rd baby (or 4th, 5th?), perhaps you've just started to think a group could be a good idea? 


We have two mums groups starting in Term 4. The first group will start Friday 28th October 11.30 - 12.30pm and the second group Monday 14th November 10.00 - 11.00am.

Carol will help facilitate your first 4 get togethers and help you get to know each other then you can meet weekly or fortnightly from there, it will be up to you! 

Carol is our friendly Community Facilitator at Little Teapot (also a trained family therapist/counsellor) and has been facilitating groups for years.  

Group you'd like?

Thank you so much! Carol will get back to as soon as possible.


Community Calendar


At Little Teapot our Community Calendar will let you know about local not for profit groups in Lara like Playgroups, Mainly music and Library times for mums with little ones.

Little Teapot works with the Little Lambs playgroups (three mornings a week) facilitated by Lifeway Christian Church as well as Mainly Music run by the Uniting Church in Lara and the programs being facilitated at the local library. Our team can help connect you into these programs as well as groups and events on offer at Little Teapot.

You can message Tash about playgroups through the @Littlelambslara facebook page

You can message Corrine about Mainly Music though the facebook page mainly music Lara