Far From Home!
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Thank you so much! We can't wait to see you at the next event. We will be in contact if anything changes at all. 

We recognise that there are many parents with young babies & chidren in our community that have not seen their loved ones for a very long time because of the COVID pandemic. You may have family and friends overseas or family may be interstate, and you’ve not had the support you’ve dreamt of at this precious time in your families life. 


We would love to support you by hosting an event and then maybe groups to support you! We will be guided by you! If you live in Lara and you are interested in meeting with others in the same situation then come along to our first Far From Home event!  Carol and our Teapot Team helpers will be hosting a morning tea for you on:

Tuesday 7th September 10am - 11am at Little Teapot, 76 Flinders Avenue in Lara. 

Due to changing restrictions and to ensure we monitor numbers (and can contact you if anything changes) please register your free spot filling out the online form. 

Carol is our Community Facilitator at Little Teapot and a trained Family Therapist and Counsellor. 


Thank you so much! We will be in contact with you 

as we get closer to the start of the next New to the Community group starting. 

Teapot Mums Groups

Little Teapot Cafe & Play can’t wait to host our
next group of mums that are new to the community of Lara. If you have recently moved to Lara, have young babies or preschoolers and would love to meet other mums as well as learn about family orientated organisations in Lara you are so welcome! 

You are invited to 6 morning sessions with free morning tea at Little Teapot. 
10 - 11am Monday or Tuesday (tbc) starting in

Term 4 (Oct)
Each one hosted by Carol, our trained Family Therapist. 

Register your spot in the form.

Group you'd like?

Thank you so much! We will be in contact with you as 

soon as we have the right numbers to start a group. 

Parents Groups

We are so excited to offer Parents Groups for parents in Lara looking to connect with others. 

You may be missing out on a Parents Group for lots of reasons, perhaps you didn't find your fit in your last one, perhaps the MCHN aren't able to find one for you as this is your 2nd or 3rd baby (or 4th, 5th?), perhaps you've just started to think a group could be a good idea? 

We are here for you! Let us know if you'd like a Mums, Dads or Carer's Group and if you have any special interests (e.g. multiple births, special needs, younger mums etc) by completing the form. When we have 5 or so names with similar requests Carol will organise a coffee and morning tea on us at Little Teapot. She'll help facilitate your first get together and help you get to know each other then you can meet weekly or fortnightly from there, it will be up to you! 

Carol is our friendly Community Facilitator at Little Teapot (also a trained family therapist/counsellor) and has been facilitating groups for years.