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Our Story

Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m a quirky mum in my forties with three children (9, 11 & 13), a Pastor for a husband and a growing love for our new puppy who is now 2.5 yrs old! I’ve lived in Australia for longer than my time in England, yet my English accent isn’t going anywhere!


I’ve always believed I was put on Earth for a reason - to show others how much they are loved.


When I became a mum, I experienced the big ups and downs of life with young children. I was often in survival mode, particularly after having our youngest, where I struggled physically and with mild post-natal depression. Yet at other times I was on the biggest high, enjoying the miracle of these little people growing up in front of my eyes!

During this time I came to know so many wonderful parents struggling to adjust to their new lives with little ones, juggling work, relationships, self-image, anxiety, post-natal depression, and everything else in between. We were on this journey together and I related with how they were feeling.


I was so fortunate to receive incredible love and support in those early years through my church community. I wondered if there was more that could be done to help and support parents during this precious and challenging time in their lives.


As my time at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation came to an end, my husband and I were wondering, ‘What’s next?’, I had a true light bulb moment! I had what I believe was a God-inspired idea to start a vintage-style play café where new parents and carers could find the community, love, and support they needed.


The Little Teapot charity was born in that moment! It brings together many of the passions that have been gifted to me: my heart for business, my growing love for parents of young children and the deeper call I feel to show God’s unconditional love and kindness to others.


Nine years later, I am incredibly thankful for the generosity of so many people who have been part of this journey with me (click here to see all the individuals and organisations)


My hope is that Little Teapot will be a home away from home for many, more parents to come!  

For more information on how Little Teapot dreams of serving the community and what we've been doing check out Our Vision & Mission

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