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To pour out love


The Little Teapot café began as a dream to show unconditional love to families with young children. We know this stage of life can bring joy and challenges, so we wanted to create a community where families can find love, support, and hope in every part of their journey.

We want to be so much more than a family friendly cafe, we dream of being a home away from home.


Little Teapot would love to be THE most welcoming cafe for families with young children...ever!


Our name and vision, "Tip us over, pour us out" comes from the old nursery rhyme, ‘I’m a Little Teapot’. Just like the line from the nursery rhyme, we dream of love being poured out at Little Teapot. We believe God loves us unconditionally and extravagantly, so we want to show that love to others, too.


Over the seven years Little Teapot has been open, we’ve had the joy of coming alongside many of our regular Teapotters as they journey through the ups and downs of life. We’ve had the pleasure of connecting families to local programs and activities, and we' ve run 20+ ‘New to the Community’ sessions and Parents Groups for families new to the area. We’ve also given away approximately 2000+ suspended coffees to new mums or those doing it tough via the Maternal & Child Health Nurses and playgroups. We also had the pleasure of hosting two online groups for new mums who had their first baby during COVID lockdowns.

Little Teapot was 7 years old in Oct 23! We look forward to what the future holds for Little Teapot in 2024!

Little Teapot Café & Play is a not-for-profit registered charity, so any profits go back into us caring for families and running groups and programs for the community. Little Teapot works in partnership with Lifeway Christian Church in Lara. The church community loves to support the cafe as we care for and give back to the families of Lara. You can read more about our partnership with Lifeway Christian Church and how our faith inspires what we do here.  

There are also many generous local organisations, individuals and businesses that have partnered with Little Teapot, enabling it to be what it is today. Find out more about our major sponsors and supporters here

Little Teapot has approximately 30 wonderful staff and volunteers from all walks of life and backgrounds, led by our board of directors. You can find out more about our staff, volunteers and directors here


We want to show:

         L O V E and generosity

         Overflowing Kindness and Acceptance

      a Very welcoming home away from home

         Excellence in all we do

We believe God loves us this way. As a community we want to love others in this way too.

All about Love
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