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Our Faith

At Little Teapot we are all about love. We believe God loves us all extravagantly and unconditionally and we want everyone who comes to Little Teapot to experience this love and kindness through everything we do. Whether we are opening the door for you, serving food and drinks, or welcoming you to a community support group, everything we do at Little Teapot comes back to love. 


We partner with Lifeway Christian Church, a local church in Lara that helps us create this home away from home for many families. Although not all our team share our faith, we are all passionate about Little Teapot’s vision and values. Every morning since the café first opened, however busy we are, our team prays for each family that will come through the door that day. We pray that they'd know God's love and peace as they come in. 

Would you like us to pray for you?

At Little Teapot we believe anyone can pray to God. We’d love to pray about anything happening in your world, big or small. There are two easy ways you can let us know if you’d like us to pray for you:


  • Make a note of your request and pop it in the prayer teapot at the café. You’re welcome to include your name or stay anonymous.


  • Contact us by email ( or fill out this form below and it will come through to us. We'll pop your request in our prayer teapot where team members regularly pray for the requests as well as Lifeway Christian Church who will pray more generally for all the requests in the teapot at their prayer meetings.  You can complete this anonymously, or if you do use your name only the Little Teapot leaders will see the information and will keep it confidential. 

We'd love to pray  

Would you like to find out more?

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Christian faith, we’d be happy to chat to you! Please fill out the Prayer form above and we'll be in contact or email us at and we can organise a chat no worries at all!


You would be welcome to go along to any of Lifeway Christian Church’s weekly services and events. There is a Sunday service at 10am of 5pm each week with a creche and kids programs. Find out more by going to 

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