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Thank you to so many!

We want to say a BIG thank you to all the generous businesses, individuals, organisations and volunteers that have helped us open the doors in 2016! Now, 7 years later, in 2023 we thank the church community at Lifeway Christian Church and our Key Partners that generously help us continue to Pour Out Love at Little Teapot, a home away from home for many!

2023 Key Partners 

Lifeway Christian Church

Little Teapot members

All our volunteers

Derham Transport

Lara District Community Bank - Lara Branch

Baptist Union of Victoria

Baptist Camping Victoria

The Aviary Cafe - Norlane

Deb Walker Accounting

Once we opened these wonderful people and organisations also made a difference..

In 2017 we were so grateful to the Geelong Community Foundation for their generous grant that enabled us to get outdoor blinds for both outdoor eating and play spaces!  To help us in summer 2018 we are also very grateful to the Lara District Community Bank Branch of Bendigo Bank who have become new Major Sponsors and our Key Supporters Terry and Yolande Cleary from Ray White that have provided much better air conditioning for Little Teapot! Thank you! In the winter of 2018 one of our Major Sponsors, the Lara District Community Bank, very generously donated funds to allow us to put astroturf in all the playspaces at Little Teapot! Everyone is so grateful! In 2019 The Geelong Community Foundation and the Lara District Community Bank partnered together

to help us with our Summer Cooling Project! We were able to install a shade sail, fans and improve ventilation with reconfigured outdoor blinds, we are so grateful. In 2020 the Lara District Community Bank sponsored two online groups for new mums that may have missed out on meeting other mums in Lara during COVID.

In 2021 we were so very grateful for a generous donation left to us from one of our precious volunteers Pauline Lavaars, as well as a donation from Hillview Sand that have helped us considerably during the challenging times of COVID. As well as this a recent timely anonymous donation in 2022 has helped us kickstart our Teapot Family membership drive, along with a further donation from Pellicano Creative Consulting - Public Speaking Training, we are so very grateful for these donations. In 2022 we've also started a partnership with long terms friends at The Aviary Cafe in Norlane, an incredible Social Enterprise. The Lara District Community Bank have also sponsored our Parents Groups in Terms 2 - 4 of 2022 to help us establish our memberships program, they have also gifted 10 x Teapot Family memberships to nominated families!

2022 - Memberships started - All our Little Teapot members help us keep providing a home away from home for many!

In 2023 we have been generously funded for our 'Families Finding Community' project by the Lara District Community Bank to help encourage our Membership program, including our Girls Night In, donated memberships, Teapot Time as well as our Just For You events, Parents Groups and generous vouchers for every new baby born in Lara in 2023! 

We also received a generous donation from Christine Ohra-Aho and her family as they chose Little Teapot for friends and family to donate to at Christine's funeral. The Commonwealth Bank in Lara also awarded us a donation in 2023.

In 2023 two wonderful organisations have begun partnership with us, the Baptist Union of Victoria and Baptist Camping Victoria. We are very grateful for their encouragement and generous support. We also continue to be so very grateful to Derham Transport and their ongoing support and generosity as well as Deb Walker Accounting

Lifeway Christian Church continues to support Little Teapot in many ways on top of a number of the church members volunteering at Little Teapot. The church also support us financially through letting us use the premises rent free, installing Solar Panels and through financially donating to the mission of Little Teapot.

We thank God for all of these incredible individuals and organisations who have given generously as well as the many volunteers who serve week in and week out at Little Teapot, we couldn't serve the community as we do if it wasn't for everyone's generosity.

Our Original Major Partners

Lifeway Christian Church 


Derham Transport

Hillview Sand

Kardinia Church (Playcafe)

Colin LeSueur Building

Chris Whitworth Design

Upright Building Concepts

Storage King North Geelong

Redeemed Pallets

Followed by..

Pellicano Creative Consulting - Public Speaking Training

Geelong Community Foundation 

Lara District Community Bank - Branch of Bendigo Bank

A special mention for Pauline Lavaars and her family

A special mention to Christine Ohra-Aho and her family

Baptist Camping Victoria

Baptist Union of Victoria

City of Greater Geelong - Community Grant

Terry and Yolande Cleary 

Commonwealth Bank - Lara

Our original supporting organisations

Little Lambs Playgroup

Goodstart Early Learning - Lara

Maternal Child and Health Centre

You Yangs Medical Clinic

Our Original Supporters

Platform Advisors

Beaumont Tiles

O'Shannessy Tiling

The Stuffed Pepper

Deb Walker Accounting

BSA Building Surveyors

CLS Electrical

S.T. Roofing and Plumbing

A.B.Ritchie Consulting Engineer

Toronga Design & Drafting

MC Concreting

The Pickers Union Cafe

Steeline JH Stephenson

Godfreys Geelong North

Tom Clark
Time Art Photography

Panther Tyres

LB Glass

Little Puddles

Belijoy Baking

Moss Wheaton

Coates Hire South Melbourne

Chris LeSueur

Prestige Signs

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