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You can make a difference

We are looking for ways to grow the welcoming space of Little Teapot that you know and love. Our facilitated Parents Groups and suspended coffees are just the beginning of what we can do together to serve families in our incredible community. With these memberships we can keep giving, growing and creating a place of connections, hope and love for many.
We would love you to join us by becoming a part of the Teapot Family!


See more information below. Select a plan to sign up to one of our memberships or gift a membership for a family that would really benefit from it..

or if you'd like you can simply donate to Little Teapot at this time. Whatever you choose we are very grateful!

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Choose your membership

  • Teapot Family

    Every year
    Be part of the family!
    Valid for 3 years
    • 10% off all purchases
    • 5 free hot drinks
    • Free entry to Teapot Time sessions
    • Invites to our Girls Nights In each term
    • Give back by supporting Little Teapot groups & programs
  • Teapot Bubs & Me

    Every year
    If you have little ones OR aren't able to make Teapot Time
    Valid for 2 years
    • 10% off all purchases
    • 5 Free hot drinks
    • Invites to our Girls Nights In each term
    • Giving back by supporting Little Teapot groups and programs
  • Teapot Champions

    Every year
    Great if you don't have little ones but want to cheer us on!
    Valid for 3 years
    • 10% off all purchases
    • 2 free hot drink vouchers to keep or give away
    • Give back by supporting Little Teapot groups and programs
Nominate a family!

Do you know a family going through a challenging time at the moment? Perhaps they are facing financial hardship or are going through a particularly difficult time at the moment? 

You can nominate them for one of our Gifted Teapot Family memberships!

Thank you so much for nominating this family! After review, if we are able to find a gifted membership for this family we will be in touch with this family and will also let you know. 

Our Term 2 Girls
Night In!

Our next free Girls Night In for Teapot Family and Teapot Bubs & Me members will be

Thursday night 8th June 2023!! 

Some more info about our memberships..

What are Teapot Time sessions? 
A variety of fun & creative activities hosted in the Teapot Family Corner
Teapot Time will run twice per week during school term time
Table booking at Little Teapot required
Normally $5 per child ($3 concession) but FREE for Teapot Family members


How many people are the memberships valid for?

A Teapot Family membership is for yourself and up to 3 children (another adult can also take the card in and use it for Teapot Time).


A Teapot Champion & Teapot Bubs and Me membership is valid for one adult.

Can I purchase more than one membership?

You can definitely purchase more than one, and gift one to someone if you'd like? Or if you'd like to predominantly donate to Little Teapot you can purchase one or more Teapot Champion memberships.

How do I get my card?

When you've purchased online you'll receive email confirmation of your membership. Please bring this email into Little Teapot and a team member will write your name on your card and the expiry date. Alternatively you can sign up at Little Teapot for a membership, a Team member will help you.

When will the Teapot Time sessions be running and how do bookings work?

In Term 2 2023 Teapot Time will run Tuesday mornings 10.00am - 11.30am and Wednesday mornings 10.00am - 11.30am.

There is a big 'Teapot Family Corner' noticeboard at the cafe detailing what is happening each week.  If you'd like your children to go to Teapot Time then please book a table at the cafe, go to the counter to show your membership card, collect your token (s) for Teapot Time and head out to the Teapot Family Corner (side deck). 

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